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Paroli Betting System

System Paroli

Paroli is a betting system with a positive progression and popularity among all the punters without large budget or desire to bet large amount of money. The system is determined as the opposite of Martingale betting system, which is why Paroli is also well-known by the name of Reverse Martingale. In this system the focus is on the constancy of wining, but not on each particular profit amount per bet.

Paroli system also lets you to avoid big losses, as well as to maintain your betting budget comparatively well-balanced. The system is determined as one of the easiest one as to the usage.

Paroli system receives its name from the Latin word “par” that means “equal, with the same amount”. Like in other systems with positive progression, here, you also increase your bet amount after each profit. The idea behind Paroli system is to double your bet amount after each win and in case of a loss to go back to your primary level. The other important rule here is to double until you reach three consecutive wins. Then, our piece of advice is to stop and to start the system from the very beginning, with your initial bet amount. The statistics show that everything above these three consecutive wins becomes less as an amount and less possible.

Have in mind that Paroli betting system is created basically for bets with an odd of about 2.00 (just like Martingale betting system).

The first thing you need to do before starting using Paroli (as well as any other betting system, by the way) is to choose your initial bet as a start. It should be an amount that isn’t bigger than 5% of your total budget detached specially for sports betting.


First bet: 1 EUR Won.
Second bet: 1 EUR х 2 = 2 EUR Won.
Third bet: 2 EUR х 2 = 4 EUR. Won. (the aim is accomplished and we go back to the initial bet)
Fourth bet: 1 EUR Lost.
Fifth bet: 1 EUR. Lost.
Sixth bet: 1 EUR. Won.
Seventh bet: 1 EUR. х 2 = 2 EUR. Won

As you can see, if we have to put it mildly, this system is quite easy to be used and you will not find any difficulties to apply it even if you are a total beginner in sports betting sphere. The main benefit behind this system is that it is stable which is why it would be a better option for newbies in sports betting. You will not win such big amounts of money, but at the same time, you can be that you will not lose your entire budget (at least not fast) which is a real final outcome in any other system.

Paroli relies on successful series quite much. If you often find yourself in such, the system will definitely bring you success. The key is to win more money from the winning series in comparison to the number of series you will lose.

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