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Reverse D’Alembert Betting System

Betting System Reverse D’Alembert

If you are looking for a betting system that minimizes the potential losses and, meanwhile, increases the potential profits, Reverse D’Alembert does worth it your attention, no doubt. Easy to be used, the system has been quite popular across sports betting and casino punters for a long time. This is a betting strategy with a positive progression which in short means that you are going to increase your bets, when you win, and you will reduce them in case of a loss.

Reverse D’Alembert is the opposite system of d’Alembert betting system that, as you know, uses negative progression.

Using Reverse D’Alembert betting system

Like most of the rest betting systems these days, Reverse D’Alembert also does not require you to be a rocket engineer. It is very simple and you will understand it from your very first meeting.

Here it is how to apply Reverse D’Alembert system in few steps:

Determine the basic unit – Before starting betting, you need to decide the amount of your basic unit you will start with. It is recommended for the unit to be under 5% of your total bank account budget.

Begin with a bet of one unit – When you start betting with Reverse D’Alembert betting system, always begin with a bet of one unit. If you have determined your basic unit to be 10 EUR, then, you need to spend 10 EUR on your first bet.

Increase your bet after a win – Every time you have a winning bet, your next bet should be increased with one unit. This means that if your first bet is 10 EUR and it is wining, the next one should be 20 EUR. If you win once again, next time raise your bet to 30 EUR and so on, and so on.

Reduce your bet with one unit in case of a loss – Every time you have a lost bet, your next bet should be reduced with one unit. If your bet of 30 EUR is lost, your next one should be reduced to 20 EUR and so on, and so on. If you lose your first bet of 10 EUR (the bet with one unit only), the next one should remain the same amount.

That’s all, guys. There is no mathematic formula or a complicated sequence of numbers you need to remember. You just have to follow these elementary rules.

Reverse D’Alembert is a safe betting system that does not allow a fast bankruptcy. Even if you lose 10 bets in a row, practically, you will lose only 10 units. When using Martingale betting system, for instance, you would lose 511 units after 10 lost bets in a row.

This system is accepted as one of the most universal betting systems in the world as it does not just protect you from a serious series of losses, but also helps you to win quite much when you are doing your best in several wining bets in a row.