The best football betting systems and strategies

“A betting system – finely determined pack of principles and rules for a bet amount assessment depending on the final outcome of the previously made bet.”

The ultimate aim in sports betting is, of course, the profit. Since gambling existence people have considered and used various systems in order to improve their chances for a win.

As a response to this demand, through the years different betting systems have been created. Some of them are made by glorious mathematicians, others – by experienced punters from certain casinos or bookies. Last, but not least, there are even betting systems that are provided by completely ordinary people. Many of these systems, though, have become less popular with time as they just did not work. However, other systems have strengthened their positions in betting society and today, thousands of bettors use them every single day.

At this page we are going to focus your attention especially to these beneficial systems



1-3-2-6 Betting System

Kelly Criterion


Reverse D’Alembert


Reverse Labouchere


As you will see, the systems distinguish with various features, while others are completely controversy. It’s because there’s no certain answer for the question “Which betting strategy is the best one?”. After all, one system can work for you, while other punter might find it a total failure. Choose the system you like at most on your own and consider whether it is the one that will get you the best profit ever!