Labouchere Betting System

Betting System Labouchere

if you are looking for an elementary progressive football betting system, Labouchere’s might not be the perfect choice for you as it is quite more complex in comparison to Martingale’s or Fibonacci’s, for instance. However, a lot of punters use Labouchere’s betting system and a big part of them are gaining quite large success with it.

This betting system relies on bigger bets after lost bet slips. This turns it into a betting system with negative progression. According to its basic conception, Labouchere’s system is quite similar to Martingale’s, but there is one essential difference between them – instead of trying to recoup their losses with one big win, punters actually count on several less wins with the Labouchere’s system.

In the next lines you will find out how to apply Labouchere’s betting system, as well as how it might help you increase your profits.

How to use Labouchere’s betting system?

Labouchere’s creator is the professional roulette player Henry Labouchere. As you think off, the system is projected for roulette games, but yet nevertheless, it is quite popular for sports betting, too.

Before starting placing bets, as a start you will have to right down a sequence of numbers on a sheet of paper. These numbers are randomly chosen, but a little bit later we will explain you why to think over your selection finely and reasonably. Currently, let’s just right down “1 2 3”…

The amount of all the numbers represents the potential profit amount after using the system. In our case the total amount is 6 units. The amount of each bet should be equal to the first and the last number in the number sequence. In our case, the bet should be 1 + 3 = 4 EUR (Let’s consider that 1 unit is 1 EUR).

When you win you have to cross the first and the last number of your sequence. When you lose, you need to add the amount of the bet in the number sequence. So in our example the sequence will become “1 2 3 4 “…

These rules are applied for each placed bet – if you win, remove the first and the last number, but if you lose, add the amount of the first and the last number (e.g. the lost bet) at the end of the sequence. Do not apply this rule if you are left with one single number in your sequence. In the last case you only need to bet this number and if you win, you start with the original numbers once again. In our case with the “1 2 3” sequence, you only have to win twice, but in succession, in order to successfully remove all the numbers.

Similarly to Martingale betting system, for all of your bets in Labouchere betting system you have to select those with 2.00 odd.
Labouchere might seem to you a quite simple betting strategy up to now, but when you lose a couple of consecutive bêtes things get a little bit more complicated.

First example

Let’s say you have lost the bet slip with 4 EUR bet amount and now your sequence looks like that “1 2 3 4”. If you win the next bet of 5 EUR (1 + 4) the first and the last numbers should go away.

This is how you are left with “2 3” only so your bet is once again 5 EUR. If you lose, you add 5 at the end of your sequence and it will look like this “2 3 5”.

Your next bet amount is 7 EUR. If it is winning, the sequence will be left with 3 only as you will have to remove 2 and 5. In case the bet with 3 EUR is successful, your sequence will end up and you will have a final outcome of 6 EUR profit (9 EUR lost and 15 EUR won).

Second example

BET = 4 EUR. (1+3), lost. Sequence = „1 2 3 4“
BET = 5 EUR. (1+4), lost. Sequence = „1 2 3 4 5“
BET = 6 EUR. (1+5), won. Sequence = „2 3 4“
BET = 6 EUR. (2+4), lost. Sequence = „2 3 4 6“
BET = 8 EUR. (2+6), lost. Sequence = „2 3 4 6 8“
BET = 10 EUR. (2+8), won. Sequence = „3 4 6“
BET = 9 EUR. (3+6), won. Sequence = „4“
BET = 4 EUR., lost. Sequence = „4 4“
BET = 8 EUR (4+4), won. Sequence = no numbers left

In this hypothetic scenario you have made 9 bets among which 4 are wining and 5 – lost. You have won 33 EUR and you have lost 27 EUR, e.g. you have once again reached the aim of 6 EUR profit even though you have more lost than wining bets. no matter how long your game is (with this system in use) if you remove all the numbers from the sequence at the end, you will win the total amount of the original numbers in the sequence, itself.

Labouchere might seem to you quite difficult at first sight, but you only have to spend a little bit time with it in order to fully realize the system. This betting system is extremely flexible and adjustable to different risk levels. If you choose to start with a longer sequence of numbers, the potential win would be quite bigger.

Unfortunately, if you enter a losing series your bets will increase at a very high speed. You can include risk-free zones in the sequence by adding few zeroes in the sequence.

Labouchere betting system might bring you a lot of profits as long as you have the luck and the skills to avoid long series of lost bets.

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