Reverse Labouchere betting system

Betting Reverse Labouchere

Reverse Labouchere betting system is in essence the full antipode to Labouchere system. The original system is created by the popular roulette player Henry Labouchere and it is a betting system with a negative progression, e.g. the bets are increasing after losses and reducing – after wins. The main idea behind the original system is to make it possible to end up with a profit even if your lost bets are more than those that have won as the profits would come out of bets with larger amounts.

The main weak point of Labouchere betting system is that you can lose a lot of money in case you fall into unsuccessful series of losses. Few consecutive lost bet slips would lead to increased amounts for the next bets and this is definitely the easiest way for your budget to disappear fast.

The theory behind the Reverse Labuchere strategy lets you turn this scenario fully upside down.

Like in the original system, Reverse Labuchere requires from you to set a sequence of number at the beginning and to make them bases for your bets. The numbers are again randomly chosen and few lines below we will give you a bunch of tricks for your best selection, but at first let’s show you how the contrary system works – with the simple sequence “1 2 3 4“. By the way, this sequence of numbers is also called a cycle.

The first bet in this cycle should be equal to the total amount of the first and the last numbers of your sequence. So, in case of “1 2 3 4” sequence your first bet should be 5 EUR (1 + 4).

If your bet is successful, you have to add the amount of the bet in the cycle. In our case you need to add 5 and thus the sequence will look like that “1 2 3 4 5 “.

If you lose your bet you need to remove the first and the last numbers of the cycle. In our case, remove 1 and 4 and thus, your cycle ends up like this “2 3”.

This is where the main difference between Reverse Labuchere and Labouchere betting systems appears – in the original version of the system the win comes with a removal of the first and the last numbers, while the loss – with the addition of your bet amount in the cycle.

The same rule is applied till you remove all the numbers of the sequence. Then, you write a new cycle starting from the very beginning.

Selection of the numbers for the sequence

There are no strictly established rules for the selection of the numbers for the sequence, but most punters prefer each next number to be equal or larger than the previous one. Of course, the more eager you are to risk, the larger numbers you can afford to add.

There are no rules for the number of units in the cycle. One cycle should be composed of only 3 numbers or of 10, for instance. The bigger the sequence is the larger the whole cycle becomes.

We believe that a sequence composed of 6 or 10 numbers is preferable and that the total amount of the numbers should be larger than 10% of your total budget.